Confident Investing

Why Blind Trust is a Poor Strategy

Paul Winkler

Confident Investing

Why Blind Trust is a Poor Strategy

Paul Winkler

They think of all the details

We highly recommend the YouPublish team to anyone looking to get their book out into the world. They think of all the details, the design is top-notch, and the editing is thorough. They truly go above and beyond and make the process easy on the author.
Paul winkler

Services We Provided

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The Publishing Story: Confident Investing

Paul Winkler (founder and owner of Paul Winkler, Inc. had previously self-published his book Confident Investing (by a different name). But the cover wasn’t what he wanted and the content was out of date.

So he reached out to us to update the cover, the content, and the look of the interior design. Plus he wanted to print a medium-sized print run of the book.

Specific Services We Provided

Once we understood the scope of services, we helped him with:

  • Total project management
  • Cover design
  • Interior design and typesetting
  • Printing an off-set, medium-sized print run

Our project manager worked closely with Paul’s team throughout the process to make sure the look and feel was what they wanted, the content updates were accurate, and that they could print the books they needed.

They published Confident Investing in January 2019 so investors around the world can better understand investing and become confident investors.

We especially enjoyed working with Paul and his team to create a custom, totally unique cover icon, which was used in different forms throughout the book to denote new sections. Plus, we pressed into the challenge of working with detailed charts and graphs. Even though challenging, this was a fun project because we got to work with four-color interior design to help Paul Winkler publish a top-tier book.

More About the Book

From the back cover.

“When it comes to personal finance, what you don’t know can hurt you. Paul Winkler has successfully set out to fix that. The only mystery is why someone didn’t write this book a long time ago.”

Charlie Wheelan, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer and Policy Fellow Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth University.

“Paul Winkler has written a refreshing, interesting, and educational new book that lays the foundation for developing and maintaining an investment portfolio to meet your own personal goals. Because developing and maintaining such a portfolio is not easy and will require a great deal of behavioral discipline on your part over the years, it is important to follow Paul’s advice to do this by working with a qualified financial coach and using the process map he provides in the book rather than trying to do it by yourself.”

R. Lyman Ott, Ph.D Statistics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Senior Vice President Business Process Improvement and Biometrics, Merrell-National laboratories

“Do you want peace of mind with your investing strategy and desire escape from the all-too-common ‘Investor’s Dilemma?’ With the knowledge of a financial markets expert and skill of a master teacher, Paul Winkler demystifies the world of Wall Street in a manner that can both empower and bring comfort to every investor.”

James Hiatt, Associate Vice President for Academic Programs / Dean, Skinner School of Business & Technology / Professor, Business Trevecca Nazarene University

Paul Winkler is The Investor Coach, helping investors achieve peace of mind through intelligent investing. In his book, Paul discusses:

  • Four investing myths that Wall Street wants you to believe.
  • The solution to break the cycle of fearful investing.
  • Industry marketing strategies to watch for that mislead investors.
  • How to see through the rhetoric and invest with confidence, no matter the economic climate!

Paul Winkler (ChFC®, RFC®, CLU®, LUTCF, CASL®, AAMS®, RICP) is the president and founder of Paul Winkler, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Paul began his career in the financial services industry in 1989 and has been published extensively in both industry and non-industry publications. He is the host of the long-running “Investor Coaching Show” on Supertalk 99.7 WWTN, which can also be found as a podcast on Apple Podcasts and beyond.